Encourage students to give each other feedback, reduce the need for TA Grading, and prioritize learning how to critique


The UX Factor is an online grading platform that allows users to anonymously view others' submissions and give their feedback. The goal of this is to allow students to get as much feedback as possible, while still maintaining the anonymity of each submission. In order to quantitatively analyze each students' submission (which allows us to translate feedback into a grade), we ask pointed questions and ask users to determine which submission, given a pair of two submissions, better answers the task of the question. In this way, we can not only give helpful feedback to students based on their peers' responses, but also a quantitative grade that is, ideally, less biased than a grade that would be given solely by one reviewer.

optimized for anonymous grading

promotes student feedback and critique

streamlines grading and helps reduce individual biases

the app

The goal of this app is to reduce the biases that come along with grading submissions which, by nature, are difficult to grade objectively.

This app is most naturally used to evaluate desktop interfaces, which can range from webpage designs and PDF handins to sketches and more. This app can be used to compare any type of submission, given that there is a hyperlink for each submission.

screenshot of UX factor login page screenshot of UX factor a-b comparison interface
screenshot of UX factor a-b comparison interface screenshot of UX factor login page

Pick the questions that you want to ask, or create your own questions to ask your students.

Promote conversation amongst your students and give them a platform to provide constructive criticism and personalized feedback to each other.

Reduce potential biases that can arise from only one person grading a student's work.

how-to guides

The developer's guide is a PDF document explaining how to set up and customize this application for your own purposes. Set up this program once, and then you will be able to easily add assignments after.

developer's guide

The developer's folder is a view-only google drive folder which contains all the code and necessary templates to bring this application to your classroom. Simply make a copy of this folder for yourself, and follow the Developer's Guide (also contained in this folder) to set up the application! Once the set-up process is complete, adding assignments is easy.

developer's folder

development team

Sarah Bawabe

Laura Wilson

Jeff Huang